Pour des représentations de grande ampleur !



Kid show

A birthday to celebrate? A Christmas party to host? This show is specially created for a younger audience. Humor, visual magic, ventriloquism… everything is here to put sparkles in the eyes of kids… and their parents! (Duration: ~ 1h)

Stage act

I can also perform some stage acts for a larger audience. These acts can last from 3 to 20 minutes. Everything will be done to fit your expectations and your needs. Humor, interactivity and magic will be there!

Gala hosting

You are looking for someone to host a gala? You want to include some magical moments in a show? 

Do not hesitate and contact me!

Gala act

You are looking for an act to complete your gala? Stop searching, and learn about this awarded act. 

Thanks to you, our show was a complete success. You gave your time without keeping scores, and I know it’s not easy in our actually busy lives…

Union Musicale de Cran-Gevrier

(Host of 2019 show)