French Champion of Close-up Magic

French Champion of Magic

Robin Deville became the French Champion of Magic (Close-up) in 2019 during the FFAP national championship.

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FISM Europe winner

Robin Deville got the highest award in Cardmagic during FISM European Championship of Magic in 2024.

Who am I?


I got my first magic kit for my seventh birthday. My first gig was for my school, when I was only 14. After I tried lots of things, I specialised into close-up magic, and especially cardmagic.

I’ve now been practicing magic for over 15 years. I work during corporate and private events for all kind of occasions. On stage or in close-up conditions, I always adapt myself to my client’s needs.

Thanks to hard work and perceverance, I entered the FFAP’s Magic French Team in 2017 (FFAP = French Federation of Magicians). I became the French Champion of Close-up Magic in 2019.

I also got the highest award in the cardmagic category during the 2024 European championships of magic.



Years of experience

TV appearance

We wanted to thank you one more time for your prestation, which had a huge impact on our guests. They all talked about you with sparkles in the eyes!

Jean-Michel P.


Thanks to you, our show was a complete success. You gave your time without keeping scores, and I know it’s not easy in our actually busy lives…

Union Musicale de Cran-Gevrier

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Dr. Blue & Mr. Red

Come and see this close-up act, awarded several times during national and international competitions.